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  • Contract Consulting

    Contract Consulting


    Got a publishing contract in hand? We can help you make sure you get the best possible terms. Get inexpensive non-attorney expertise right now. Any kind of publisher, anywhere in the world.


  • The Millionaire Master Plan

    The Millionaire Master Plan

    Have you ever stressed out about money? The solution has just arrived! Roger James Hamilton’s brilliant book will be out the end of July.    This is the MOST innovative book to come out in the personal finance/wealth creation space in many years. We’re SO proud of him! “In the Millionaire Master Plan, Roger links purpose [...]

  • Become a Keller Media author

    Become a Keller Media author

    Looking for a literary agent? Looking for an agent who will be passionate about helping you sell your book – first to a publisher, then to your public? We believe that the right message + a growing platform is the crucial first step in success.  Browse the website, and when you’re ready, click “Query Us” [...]

  • How Not to Query an Agent: Story 246 (or so it seems!)

    How Not to Query an Agent: Story 246 (or so it seems!)

    OR: Why do these people think this stuff will sell??!?! by Wendy Keller, bemused, incredulous literary agent LOS ANGELES — How in the world do people come up with these stories?  I rarely get personally involved in screening queries, but every now and then, something happens like this morning and I am left astonished that [...]

  • Author Daven Michaels with Literary Agent Wendy Keller

    Congrats Daven Michaels, New York Times Bestselling Author!

    Two Keller Media books on the NYT list the same month! Congrats to Daven Michaels, Keller Media’s latest bestselling author! Daven Michaels is the brilliant mind behind 123Employee.com and takes up where “The Four Hour Work Week” leaves off.  For small business owners who are overwhelmed, under-staffed and tired of hassles, Daven’s book (and his [...]

  • Best Selling Client Dodinsky Signing His Books

    Best Selling Client Dodinsky Signing His Books

    An Amazing Success Story This is our client, best selling author Dodinsky, signing books in Texas at a recent event.  He was a real find!  We got his query, in which he mentioned his 35,000+ Facebook followers. Wendy called him immediately – 35K is an excellent platform! By the time she put the book up [...]

  • Should You Self-Publish Your Book?

    Should You Self-Publish Your Book?

    How to Decide – Thinking It Through For a lot of people who’ve struck out in finding an agent or publisher, or who have decided they want their book immediately, self-publishing looks like a great option. For some people, it is.  But for the vast majority, it is a subtle kiss of death for their [...]

  • Why Most Writers Fail to Get Publishing Contracts

    Why Most Writers Fail to Get Publishing Contracts

    And what YOU can do to get yours by Wendy Keller, literary agent since 1989 Ahhh, for the good ol’ days!  The days when a gifted writer could just tie a fresh ascot and then sit down at his Smith-Corona to write some lovely prose.  Sooner or later, some incredibly good looking, elegantly coiffed agent [...]