We Have Raised the Bar for Submissions

Keller Media is only interested in nonfiction book ideas from highly qualified, well-credentialled authors who have a strong, growing platform.

We no longer accept submissions from unknown authors through this page. The best way to get our attention is to be referred by one of our existing clients, or by a respected peer from the book publishing or professional speaking industries.

If that’s not an available option for you, please connect with us through our LinkedIn page.

If you don’t have a well-written proposal for your proposed nonfiction book, you’re going to need one:

Considering enrolling in our hands-on, unusually successful course on book proposal writing. You’ll be led by Senior Agent Wendy Keller and edited by top notch editors to create a spectacular book proposal. A book proposal is the document all nonfiction publishers require when considering your book or book idea.  You will need to craft a good one, even if your book is already written.  Every nonfiction agency in the USA will require a proposal from you, and our new course has an extraordinary success rate of people becoming our or other agencies’ clients AND of our graduates getting book contracts with reputable publishers within 6 months of completion!

To see our author submission guidelines, click here.