An Important Notice for Would-Be Authors

At this time we are not accepting unsolicited queries.  (If you have, however, been directed to send something to a Keller Media agent directly, please do so via their direct email.)

BUT it may change your life as an author to read on and find out why, and how you can get attention from the agents at Keller Media.

So many authors who pursue publication these days have one of two major issues they must overcome:

1. They have already self-published and failed to sell many copies, thereby ruining their chances of finding a “real” publisher. (Because who wants to buy “damaged goods”?)  Since the authors with self-published nonfiction books – but no platform – don’t sell copies, and since literary agents work on straight commission, we cannot accept a book that by industry standards has failed.  No publisher will buy it!


      If you can verify that your previously self-published book sold more than 2,500 copies via or Barnes and Noble in any 12 month period, please

go to our Contact Form

              and introduce yourself.

2. Most would-be authors are lazy when it comes to necessary steps they need to take. They refuse to build a “platform” – a growing group of fans who like your work and will be eager to buy your book.  This could mean anything from doing public speaking, to building a strong social media presence, to selling a product related to the book and more.  (To find out how to build your comprehensive platform, click here.)


      Lack of a platform is BY FAR

the #1 reason most authors do not find publishers.

      It’s also why most self-published books fail to sell. Getting your platform growing is


    to sell your book at this time in history to a legitimate US publisher.

As mentioned previously, due to these issues and the sheer volume of submissions we receive, we are no longer accepting unsolicited queries at this time.


    • If you know someone we already work with and you can get them to introduce you to one of our agents
    • You attend a writers conference where one of our agents is present
    • You show up in one of our programs (see below) and actually do the work to build a platform for yourself

…then your work will be considered carefully.


Click here to see the screening criteria we use to select clients. Most agents use something similar, whether they disclose it or not.



You’re right.  But you get MAJOR BONUS points for even reading this far.  Ironically, many hopeful but misguided authors immediately assume we are idiots, cruel or intentional heart-breakers, instead of people with an extraordinarily successful history in publishing. ( Since you’re still reading, that means…

YOU might be teachable.

We offer a variety of free and paid options to help you build a platform that’s amazing, delectable and interesting to publishers (and therefore to agents).  Whether you end up self-publishing OR finding a real publisher, growing a platform is the ONLY chance anyone has for success as an author.

Where to get help:

Whether it seems like it or not, we’re trying to save YOU (and ourselves) from wasting a lot of time. Stop scurrying around, trying to get an agent before you’ve got a platform. All our hands are tied, no matter how brilliant you believe your book to be. No one is trying to hurt you – this “tough love” is trying to give you the help you need now.

Sincere best wishes with your book!