Rent Wendy’s Brain

 “What Could Happen to YOUR Success as an Author

if You Had an Exceptionally Qualified Mentor?”

If you’re an author or hope to become one, this is your chance to finally get some candid, practical, specific advice about your book from your new “friend in the business.”

Do you want some real-time, up-to-date, specialized help figuring out how to get your book project moving in the right direction?  The most successful people in any industry, sport or endeavor have coaches.  This is your opportunity to get a seasoned, compassionate and knowledgeable literary agent to be that supportive coach for you.

Wendy Keller has been a literary agent since 1989. In that time, she’s changed with the publishing industry.  Keller Media, Inc. has sold more than 1,200 rights deals worldwide; has 16 New York Times best sellers; and 6 international best sellers.  That’s a lot of experience  and knowledge you can put at your disposal.

When you talk with Wendy for an hour,  she’ll help you get pointed in the right direction, clear about the obstacles in your path and create a plan for overcoming them that really works.

Solving Your Biggest Challenge

The publishing industry has changed a lot.  There are new rules.  Most things well-meaning people tell you to do or not to do to achieve success in the brave new publishing world are outdated or useless.  How can you succeed without real data?  You cannot.

Most agents represent only about 1% of all titles they are offered annually.  Most editors acquire only about 20 books per year from the hundreds they are offered. All publishers want to make money.  Prove that your book can be profitable and all these people will go wild for it, every time.  Wendy will show you how to make your book more appealing fast.

About 1.4 million new books were published last year, but the average self-published book sells only 117 copies!  That’s because few authors take the time to build an enthusiastic fan base before they rush to press.  The downside?  A “failed” self-published book is a concrete block tied around the author’s neck when they try to swim over to traditional publishing.  Luckily, it’s rarely too late to save sagging sales.  Wendy can help you avoid this fate and mastermind a strategy that will help your book become more successful quickly – whether you choose to self-publish or go with a fancy New York publisher.

In the days of Hemingway and Twain, authors had months or even years for their books to become successful.  Now, if you don’t launch on Day One with a strong marketing campaign, no matter how you published your book is quite likely to get drowned in the tsunami of words published daily.  If your book just released or will soon, you need the absolute smartest techniques and strategies to attract media, get noticed and delight book buyers.  Wendy can help you by sharing the techniques her most successful clients use.

 “I’ve seen people work so hard writing a book or a book proposal but then hit a brick wall when trying to get an agent, a publisher or the public to pay attention.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  I know how to help you leap over brick walls in a single bound!”  — Wendy Keller

It’s tradition for literary agents to sit at their desks and sneer at groveling hopeful authors.  Agents are eager to deal with only the most qualified, successful and prepared authors – people with huge platforms and big support teams.  That doesn’t seem fair. How does someone get to that place if no one will be kind enough to show them the way?  Wendy Keller offers emerging authors the chance to “rent” her brain for an hour with the specific intention of leveling the playing field for you…and with the hope that when you apply what you’ll gain from this coaching call with her, you will become one of Keller Media’s successful authors.


“Wendy Keller offered me keen insights for the marketing and promotion of my book “Whatever the Cost” and clearly supported the book’s success.  She has a unique and well-honed understanding of the publishing world that takes into account the art of being a writer and the business of selling books. Her time and insight are indispensable.”  — Jenifer Beaudean, author

 Maybe you’re asking, “Why isn’t it enough that I wrote a good book?”

Gosh, we wish it was!  When this agency began, content ruled.  Every good book got sold. Now editors invariably ask the agent, “What’s the author’s platform?” before they’ll even listen to our pitch for your nonfiction book!  Consumers spend less money on books these days, so publishers have less money to throw around.  Your book is now a micro-business investment that must earn a profit.  Your proof of concept is your growing fan base – your “platform” – as an author.  Without it, your book is just too much of a risk.  Build a platform, sell your book.  That’s the whole game of publishing – even if you intend to self-publish.


You need a smart plan, a clear strategy, an effective system for success that is customized to YOUR goals and YOUR content. 

You need a bigger perspective and solid, real-world advice on your book.

That’s what you will get when you rent Wendy’s brain.

This investment in the glorious future of your book is guaranteed to get you the results you crave.

Some of the Questions Wendy Can Answer for You:

  • Why isn’t my book selling yet?
  • Why are agents turning me down?
  • How do I build a platform fast and inexpensively?
  • How do I sell more copies of my already-published book?
  • How do I become a known expert in my field quickly?
  • What do I need to do to attract a major New York publisher?
  • How do I make my book more appealing to literary agents and publishers?
  • What marketing efforts are best for my particular content?
  • What’s the best way to self-publish a successful book?
  • Can you tell me how to get media attention for my book right away?
  • How do I decide between self-publishing and traditional methods?
  • What other ways can I profit from the content of my book?
  • How do you restart sales for an old book?
  • How do I get started as a paid speaker or workshop leader?
  • Is there a way to write a book that makes it sell better once published?
  • How do I get on media – before and after publishing?
  • What sorts of articles could I write and who would publish them?
  • What does it take to create a best seller?
  • Can you help me figure out how to attract a sponsor for a book or speaking tour?
  • How do I sell my book’s foreign, television, merchandising or other rights?
  • Your unique questions are quite welcome!


You can figure out how to make your book succeed all on your own. 

You can probably figure out how to fill your own cavities, too…but most people prefer to have an expert do it for them!



“Wendy, you are an amazing gift that showed up in my life. Without your love and support, I would not be as far along as I am today.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  The contribution that you have made to my success is going to create an amazing ripple effect for all the people I get to share my message of joy, success and fulfillment with.  You rock Wendy Keller and I love you.”                  — Wendy Watkins, speaker, author


You get one full, exciting hour meant to save you time and heartache, move your book forward and get you closer to your goal as a successful author.  Start here to schedule a time with Wendy. Your consulting hour is guaranteed to help you exponentially transform your journey as an author.


“Talking to you for just one hour saved me probably three years of chasing my tail.  I can’t thank you enough!”  — Gene Allred, Portland, OR

How to Rent Wendy’s Brain:

1. Decide if her knowledge is right for your goals

Read her websites and testimonials; Google Wendy; Read all the glowing acknowledgements in hundreds of clients’ books.  Talk to any random dozen professional speakers – you’re almost certain to find several who know Wendy and Keller Media’s work – and probably a few of our clients.  When you are confident Wendy is the right advisor for you…

 2.  Know that she has a reputation as a straight shooter

Wendy calls ‘em like she sees ‘em. She cares deeply about each author’s success, so she considers it an obligation to be clear and precise in what she advises. Wendy knows that fluffing up the author’s ego will not get you the results you want.  If the book idea is weak, she’s going to tell you – and advise you on how to fix it; if the marketing concept won’t get the results you say you want, she’ll help you shred it and create one that will.  Wendy is honest, clear and luckily, she’s usually right.

 3.  Get her undivided attention focused on giving you smart solutions

Renting Wendy’s brain for an hour together is all about you, your book and your goals.  Most people who apply what she advises have ended up as clients within 8 months of the consultation, although of course that depends on your progress, of course.  Wendy’s sincere goal is giving back to authors who have no other expert to turn to for help.

When you consult with Wendy, you get her brain focused on your problems and solutions, helping you solve your issues, and giving you the best, most cutting edge advice.  Now is the time for you to sign up to change the destiny of your book.

When it is time for our call, you just call our toll-free number and Wendy will give you her undivided attention, best advice and complete focus for 60 full minutes.  Most people like to record the call so they can reference it later – ideas often flow fast!    (Contact our office to help you record the call if you don’t have your own preferred method:

This consulting hour is guaranteed. Halfway through the call, Wendy will pause to ask you if you believe you are getting good value from the conversation.  If not, the call will end at once and your money will be instantly refunded. If yes, she will continue to help you transform your content and your career as a successful author.

Your success is closer than you think!