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How would YOU benefit from “renting” Wendy’s brain?

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Have you had trouble getting an agent or a publisher so far?

Most agents take on fewer than 1% of all titles offered to them. Keller Media gets an average of 9,000+ queries annually! Most editors at publishing houses only acquire 20-30 titles a year, and they will only consider authors with platforms that have been screened and submitted by agents. What is it about your Query, your Proposal or your Book Idea that is preventing you from getting the results you crave? Find out now! How can you make it BETTER so it DOES sell?

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Did you self-publish and learn some hard lessons?

It’s tragic, but the average self-published book sells only about 117 copies in its first year! An author who has a small or non-existent platform (fan base) will notice that their book quickly gets buried in the tsunami of titles. The public just can’t sift through it all to find the gems. There are ways around this dilemma – no matter when the book was self-published.

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Do you have a book about to release and suddenly you’re panicking about proper promotion?

In the “Old Days” of publishing, an author had about 90 days to make a book successful before the big stores starting returning it to the publisher’s warehouse. Now, if you don’t come out of the gate with a strong publicity campaign that incorporates cutting-edge social media promotion, masterful use of publicists, and a well-honed, properly designed, extremely well-executed strategy, your book’s chances of success will plummet after just a few WEEKS! Tragic but true! Luckily, there are ways to prepare for success and give your book the chance to create the success you desire from it.

If you are an author or hope to become one, this is an opportunity for you to finally get some candid, practical advice personalized just for you and your book.

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You ask “Why isn’t it enough that I wrote a good book?

It should be enough that you wrote a good book, shouldn’t it? If life were fair, and it was the 1920s and your last name was Hemingway, it would be. Too bad for all of us. Frankly, it is not going to change my life for you to consult with me to help you get straightened out and on the right path to your success in this Brave New World of books and ebooks. But if you’re like most people I’ve worked with, it IS going to change your life.

Agents are supposed to just sit at their desks dealing with only the most qualified, prepared, successful authors. I think that’s wrong. That’s why I’m offering to help you out. Maybe when you apply what I can teach you, you WILL become one of my most qualified, prepared and successful authors. (I sure hope so!)

The way I see it, you face a BIG challenge:

Your Biggest Challenge: The publishing industry has changed a lot in the last few years. There are new rules. Probably, every book and most things that well-meaning people have told you about how to succeed as an author are out of date.

In response to brick walls, failure and new rules for the game, I’ve seen so many heart-breakingly hopeful authors self-publish, which is usually the kiss of death because if that book doesn’t sell well (and most don’t!) you will find it almost impossible to get a “real” publishing deal when you’ve only sold a handful of copies. Most self-published books average 117 just copies sold TOTAL!

You need a plan, a strategy, a system for success customized to YOUR content and YOUR goals.You need a bigger perspective on your book!

I’m really good at helping authors just like you figure out how to do the right things in the right order that create the right results. Your investment in your future is just $350 – and it’s guaranteed.


Would you like to “rent” my brain?


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OK, Wendy. How does it work to “rent” your brain?

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Decide if my knowledge is the right match for your needs.
Read my websites. Google me. Read the all glowing acknowledgements in books I have represented (hint: they are on the shelves at your local bookstore). Talk to any random dozen successful professional speakers. You’re almost certain to find several who know me and my work, and probably even a few of my clients. When you are confident that I am the right adviser for you, then...
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Know that I have a reputation as a straight shooter.

I call ‘em like I see ‘em – because I care very, very much about each author’s success. Fluffing up your ego will not help you get what you want.  I’m not trying to scare you off, but if your book idea is weak, I’m going to tell you and then we’ll figure out something that actually DOES have a GREAT chance of selling.  If your marketing concept won’t get you the results you say you want, we’ll shred it and rebuild it together.  I’m tough, I’m honest, and luckily, I’m usually right.  (Although my teenage daughter would disagree with that last one!)  I really want you to achieve your goal – “tough love” is my policy in service to you.

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It’s ALL about you

Renting my brain for our hour together is  ALL about you and your goals.  Most people who apply what we discuss in the consultation have ended up being clients within 8 months or less, although that’s dependent on your progress, of course.  My sincere goal of even offering to help you is to give back to authors who have no other expert to turn to, no other way of getting real help and good advice.  I consider it an honor to help you manifest your destiny.

Now what?

NOW it’s time to sign up. Renting my brain for this invaluable hour is just a $350 investment on your part.  If your book sells for $20 a copy, that’s just 18 extra copies you need to sell to earn out your investment!  And our conversation will probably change the direction of your book, your career or even your life!

As soon as my assistant gets notice of your payment, she’ll contact you to set up a time convenient for us to talk. You’ll be asked to send me anything you want me to see, like your book proposal (if any), hyperlinks to your website and blog (if you have them) and a list of specific questions you want answered.

When it is time for our appointment, you’ll call our toll-free 800# and I’ll give you my undivided attention for sixty 100% focused, incredibly helpful minutes. You are urged to record the call for future reference (we’ll even help you figure out how to do that.)
Your guarantee: Precisely halfway into your prepaid hour of consulting, I’ll ask you if you feel you are getting good value for your time and money. If not, I’ll refund you right away, no problem. If yes, we’ll continue to transform your content and your career.
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