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what could happen to
your success as an author
if you had an exceptionally qualified mentor?

If you’re an author or hope to become one, this is your chance to finally get some candid, practical, specific advice about your book from your new “friend in the business.”

Do you want some real-time, up-to-date, specialized help figuring out how to get your book project moving in the right direction? The most successful people in any industry, sport or endeavor have coaches. This is your opportunity to get a seasoned, compassionate and knowledgeable literary agent to be that supportive coach for you.

Wendy Keller has been a literary agent since 1989. In that time, she’s changed with the publishing industry. Keller Media, Inc. has sold more than 1,200 rights deals worldwide; has 16 New York Times best sellers; and 6 international best sellers. That’s a lot of experience and knowledge you can put at your disposal.

When you talk with Wendy for an hour, she’ll help you get pointed in the right direction, clear about the obstacles in your path and create a plan for overcoming them that really works.

Rent Wendy’s Brain

Helping you find a clear strategy for success:

1. Decide if Wendy’s knowledge is the right fit for your goals.
Read her websites and testimonials; Google Wendy; Read all the glowing acknowledgements in hundreds of clients’ books. Talk to any random dozen professional speakers – you’re almost certain to find several who know Wendy and Keller Media’s work – and probably a few of our clients. When you are confident Wendy is the right advisor for you…
2. Know that she has a reputation as a straight shooter.
Wendy calls ‘em like she sees ‘em. She cares deeply about each author’s success, so she considers it an obligation to be clear and precise in what she advises. If the book idea is weak, she’s going to tell you – and advise you on how to fix it; if the marketing concept won’t get the results you say you want, she’ll help you shred it and create one that will. Wendy is honest, clear and luckily, she’s usually right.
3. It’s ALL about you.
Renting Wendy’s brain for an hour together is all about you, your book and your goals. Most people who apply what she advises have ended up as clients within 8 months of the consultation, although of course that depends on your progress, of course. Wendy’s sincere goal is giving back to authors who have no other expert to turn to for help.

When you consult with Wendy, you get her brain focused on your problems and solutions, helping you solve your issues, and giving you the best, most cutting edge advice. Now is the time for you to sign up to change the destiny of your book.

can't get agent

Have you had trouble getting an agent or a publisher so far?

Most agents take on fewer than 1% of all titles offered to them. Keller Media gets an average of 9,000+ queries annually! Most editors at publishing houses only acquire 20-30 titles a year, and they will only consider authors with platforms that have been screened and submitted by agents. What is it about your Query, your Proposal or your Book Idea that is preventing you from getting the results you crave? Find out now! How can you make it BETTER so it DOES sell?

self publish pile

Did you self-publish and learn some hard lessons?

It’s tragic, but the average self-published book sells only about 117 copies in its first year! An author who has a small or non-existent platform (fan base) will notice that their book quickly gets buried in the tsunami of titles. The public just can’t sift through it all to find the gems. There are ways around this dilemma – no matter when the book was self-published.

book marketing

Do you have a book about to release and suddenly you’re panicking about proper promotion?

In the “Old Days” of publishing, an author had about 90 days to make a book successful before the big stores started returning it to the publisher’s warehouse. If you don’t come out of the gate with a strong publicity campaign that incorporates cutting-edge social media promotion, masterful use of publicists, and a well-honed, properly designed, well-executed strategy, your book’s chances of success will plummet after just a few WEEKS! Tragic but true! Luckily, there are ways to prepare for success and give your book the chance to create the success you desire from it.

“[Wendy] is clear, to the point, passionate, and an expert at her industry.”

Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun

“You are an amazing gift that showed up in my life. Without your love and support, I would not be as far along in becoming a professional speaker as I am today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The contribution that you have made to my success is going to create an amazing ripple effect for all of the people I get to share my message of joy, success and fulfillment with. You rock Wendy Keller and I love you.”

Wendy Watkins

Wendy Watkins, self-published author

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