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I spent my first decade as an agent thinking, “Oh gosh, if this person just knew what I know, he or she could actually get a book deal (or get more paid speeches).” It was pretty frustrating. Because agents work on straight commission, there’s no incentive to actually help people – which is why most agents just send the same rejection letter to everyone.  After hearing people tell me how confused they were by the industries in which I have proven expertise, I could be of greater service to the world if I helped others achieve their publishing and speaking dreams. 

I write books myself, but as a hobby. I’ve got 31 published now, under 9 names.  But even if every book I write helps 20,000 people in some small way, I can create a much bigger impact on the quality of life on the planet if I help people like YOU get the opportunity to share your message too.  Being an agent allows me to leverage what I know so together, we can help millions.

If you’d like to take advantage of my expertise as the person behind 1,200 rights deals for authors and speakers worldwide, this is how to get it.  When you “rent” my brain for an hour, I’ll give you my undivided attention, best advice, solid proven strategies, assistance avoiding pitfalls and time-wasters, and direct access to my wealth of knowledge after 25 years serving authors and speakers at all levels, from New York Times best sellers to beginners.

I can help you with challenges you’re facing related to any of these topics:

  • How to get an agent (maybe me!)
  • What publishers want and need from you so they will say YES
  • How to sell more books and/or book more speeches
  • Building your “platform” (which means “growing the size of your audience and the scope of your presence in the world”)
  • Making a success of your self-published book – no matter when it was published
  • How to become the leader in your content category
  • Resurrecting your old book to create new revenue
  • How to position yourself for greater success as an author
  • How to get paid more as a speaker or consultant
  • What makes one book succeed and another flop
  • More - much more  (amazing what you pick up in just a few decades inside an industry!)

I calculate I’ve helped more than 34,000 people with questions like yours in my career so far through one-on-one consulting, workshops, products and speaking I’ve done. If you want me to help YOU, I’m glad to be of service to you.

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1.You decide if my knowledge is a match for your needs. Read my websites. Google me. Read the all glowing acknowledgements in books I have represented (hint: they are on the shelves at your local bookstore). Talk to any random dozen successful professional speakers.  You’ll find several who know me and my work and likely a few of my clients. Call the Vice Presidents or executive editors of nonfiction books at Random House, Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Harper Collins, McGraw-Hill, etc. and ask them if they know and recommend me as an agent.  When you are confident that I am the right advisor for you, then…

2.Recognize that I have built my reputation as a straight shooter. I call it like I see it. I’m not trying to scare you, but if your book idea is dumb, I’m going to tell you that and then help you come up with something that actually DOES have a GREAT chance of selling. If your marketing strategy won’t get you the results you say you want, I’m going to help you shred it and rebuild it properly. I’m tough, I’m honest and frankly, I’m usually right.

3.  Sign up for an hour of my time – it comes with a money-back guarantee. Just click the button below (or mail a check marked “Consultation” in the memo field.) Renting my brain for an invaluable hour is a $350 investment on your part.  I charge people because it separates the serious ones from the Lookie Lous.  I know that our conversation could change the direction of your book, your career or even your life! As soon as my assistant gets notice of your payment, she’ll contact you to set up a time convenient for us to talk. You’ll be asked to send me your book proposal (if any), hyperlinks to your website and blog (if you have them) and a list of specific questions you want answered.  At the time we agree upon, you’ll call into our toll-free 800# and I’ll give you my undivided attention for sixty quick, bright minutes. You are welcome to record the call for future reference (we’ll even help you figure out how to do that.)  My goal is your success.


Your guarantee: Precisely halfway into your prepaid hour of consulting, I’ll ask you if you feel you are getting good value for your money. If not, I’ll refund your $350 right away, no problem. If yes, we’ll continue to transform your content and your career.

I charge $15,000 for my formal three month long coaching program. I earn $7,500 for six intense hours when I work live with emerging speakers in my office. By buying yourself an hour of expert advice, focused 100% on you and your book and your goals, by doing this simple, relatively phone consult means YOU get my brain on YOUR terms, helping YOU sort out YOUR issues, giving YOU the best, most cutting edge advice for a whole hour by phone, at a time that works for you, on the topics of your choice. I promise to give you my very best, most honest, most focused professional advice…because I care about your success. 

Let’s strategize together to help achieve YOUR objectives in  publishing and/or professional speaking.  

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