Submission Guidelines

How To Get Us To Represent YOU

Keller Media, Inc. ONLY represents nonfiction books intended for adults.

We would LOVE to read all about your nonfiction book idea in one of these subject areas:

  • Business (sales, career, management, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship or finance)
  • Self-Help and Pop Psychology (parenting, diet, feel better, improve your memory, study more effectively, get happier, stop worrying, overcome abuse, etc.)
  • Health (except personal stories of illness/recovery or how you cared for an ill person.)
  • Politics (your impeccable high-level credentials in the arena are 100% mandatory)
  • Inspirational and Metaphysical (Note: we’re highly selective here)
  • How-To (most subjects welcome)
  • Reference and Compendiums (the ultimate guidebook to…)
  • History (all countries, epochs and civilizations – strong interest area for Wendy)
  • Science & Nature (not including memoirs about you and your beloved pet)
  • Celebrity or Very Unusual Memoirs and Bios
  • Popular Culture and Current Affairs (selectively)
  • Spiritual (but NOT if intended for any specific faith group, e.g. Christians, Jews or Muslims)

Please DO NOT send hard copy manuscripts or your self-published book without an invitation to do so! We recycle them unread.

We do NOT represent:

  • Fiction
  • Screenplays
  • Juvenile (books intended for kids)
  • Your life story, memoir, autobiography or fictionalized autobiography
  • True crime, dark, murder stories or any books written by incarcerated people  (too creepy)
  • Books intended primarily for the Christian, Judaica or Muslim markets
  • Personal stories about your amazing spiritual journey (unless you have +50,000 verifiable, active followers and a score above 60)
  • Personal stories about how you survived any abuse, addiction, mental or physical illness or what it was like to care for someone who did – unless you have a PhD and have also helped many others using your methods
  • Illustrated or Coffee Table books – nothing that’s mostly photos
  • Gritty books about war, violence (especially against women), or extreme human cruelty
  • Dating or relationship books (unless your score is over 60)
  • Books that have been channeled by animals, aliens, plants or dead people. This applies even if you really believe you hear (or are) Jesus, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, Robin Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Ernest Hemingway, etc.

If you send us one of the above, you won’t hear back from us at all.  We’re not rude.  You’re just not paying attention, which is decidedly unprofessional of you.

Want to see what we’re actually looking for when you send us your book?  Click here to see our screening criteria.

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