Get Known in the USA

For Authors or Speakers Living Outside the USA

Our market is HUGE

With about 310 million people, the US market is the largest in the world for authors and speakers, and this market represents the largest number of potential buyers.  Crossing over into the US market could mean that you get millions of new fans, international success for your business, worldwide notoriety…and millions of new dollars if you do it right. On top of that, foreign rights sales usually begin with English language books, then trickle into the rest of the world. What works here tends to work everywhere and publishers know it.

Here’s the problem:

US publishers already have many American authors to choose from. That’s why they rarely consider someone who doesn’t have a lot of fans here already, unless you’ve sold lots of copies in your home country.

Meeting planners – the people who hire speakers – prefer not to have to spend money on international airfares to get speakers with similar or almost identical content to American speakers.

So how can you possibly get started in this Land of Opportunity?

If you have a STRONG desire to get published and/or become a successful paid speaker in the USA, you need to make a name for yourself here. To do that, you’ll need an ally on the inside – a person or a team of people who know how to work the system for you. You need people who care about your success and understand how the American speaking and publishing industries work.

We may be able to help you achieve your dream.

Wendy Keller is a literary agent and speakers bureau owner who has been the force behind 9 international best sellers, hundreds of book deals with publishers outside the USA, and more than 1,500 books sold in the USA. She has gotten her clients paid engagements all over the world, and has a unique level of insight for speakers and authors on how non-US residents can attract the right attention here.

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