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Do It Yourself Proposal Writing Course

Get agents excited and publishers passionate about your book

Be ready to sell your book to a great publisher in no time! Create a professional and compelling nonfiction book proposal with this comprehensive, easy-to-follow home study program.


Easily create an excellent nonfiction book proposal – ready to be shown to agents and sold to editors!

A high quality book proposal is mandatory if you want to sell your nonfiction book to any publisher – even if you’ve already written the whole book! A nonfiction proposal is to publishing what a business plan is to a company seeking investors – and for the same reason. A properly written, well-edited proposal will excite publishers and get them to invest their enthusiasm and money in your book.

This lively, informative learn-at-home system comes with everything you need to write an excellent nonfiction proposal.  It’s important to note that this is a replicable skill.  Once you know how to properly think through and write compelling proposals, you can use this skill for every single book you write in the future. 

In just 6 engaging, interesting videos,  literary agent Wendy Keller reveals an insider’s secrets about what will make publishers say YES to your book, along with the best strategies, shortcuts, perspective and writing techniques you will now use to craft your book proposal in a way that makes your work irresistible to publishers. Wendy will take you step-by-step through:

  • What it takes to capture a publisher’s attention
  • How publishers think – and what they’re thinking as they consider your work
  • Getting your content perspective just right
  • The 5 parts of a nonfiction book proposal
  • The crucially important questions you MUST answer in your Overview
  • What editors are looking for right now and how to get them salivating over your book
  • The plain truth about the publishing process – how a book is really acquired by an editor
  • How to write your author’s bio in a way that makes you look like a superstar
  • Why your competitive analysis may be the single most important favor you can do for yourself as a writer
  • What you need to know about titles and subtitles
  • Creating content differentiation – makes your book unique and exciting
  • The hidden story arc in nonfiction
  • Writing and organizing a brilliant chapter summary
  • The powerful secret hidden in your first 3 chapters
  • How to choose the best sample chapter for maximum publisher appeal
  • The incredible advantage a great Marketing Plan will make for you
  • The six ways to promote your book successfully – before and after it is published
  • How to get literary agents fighting for the chance to represent you
  • Why consumers buy one book over another
  • The most important 3 facts you MUST know to sell YOUR book at this time in publishing history

From the comfort of your own home, just watch a short video and then look at the companion PDF.  It contains your assignment and deeper information about the lesson.  Finish the assignments and you’ll soon be holding your very professionally-written book proposal, ready to be shown to interested agents and intrigued publishers.

NOTE: Only nonfiction authors need to create a proposal…and only nonfiction authors who want to sell their book to a great publisher need to create a great book proposal.


Ready to sell your book? Get started RIGHT NOW!