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By Wendy Keller You have surely heard that people make a decision about whether they like and trust you within seconds of first meeting you.  The same is true when you send a query to a literary agency…the first few sentences make a huge difference in what happens next. The following sentences will grab attention […]

  By Megan Close Zavala, Literary Agent Literary agents often get a reputation for being cruel and heartless.  It is true that not a one of us has escaped sending out many, many rejection letters.  I am sure that there are a few slightly sadistic agents out there, but for the most part, authors, please […]

Ready to Sell Your Book to a Publisher? You’ll Need a Literary Agent Most people sit down to write a book and only later do they start to think about how to get it published. The dream is to find a publisher who will pay you a lot of money for the joy of printing […]

What You Don’t Know About Publishing Can Hurt Your Future! by Wendy Keller, literary agent At a writer’s conference in 1999, a smart, respectable man pitched me on representing his business book. It was a terrific idea!  I invited him to send me his proposal at once.  (A book proposal is the critical document every […]

OR: Why do these people think this stuff will sell??!?! by Wendy Keller, bemused, incredulous literary agent LOS ANGELES — How in the world do people come up with these stories?  I rarely get personally involved in screening queries, but every now and then, something happens like this morning and I am left astonished that […]

And what YOU can do to get yours by Wendy Keller, literary agent since 1989 Ahhh, for the good ol’ days!  The days when a gifted writer could just tie a fresh ascot and then sit down at his Smith-Corona to write some lovely prose.  Sooner or later, some incredibly good looking, elegantly coiffed agent […]

What it REALLY means when we (or anyone else) rejects your book by Wendy Keller If it’s happened again -we or another agency has rejected your project again, don’t get discouraged.  Don’t waste your time getting angry.  Certainly don’t deduce that we’re all idiots.  Don’t decided willy-nilly that you will just self-publish and prove us […]

Written by Laura Rensing Shhhh….I’m taking over Wendy’s blog today.  She’s busy trying to chase down publishers, which leaves me to make like Mickey in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice while she’s preoccupied (though hopefully I don’t end up flooding the place in the meanwhile!). I think one of the most important things an author can learn […]