Alex Schnitzler

Keller Media Editorial Director

Alex Schnitzler

Alex Schnitzler, M.F.A., has worn many creative hats (more like helmets) over the years that have helped him cultivate a distinct approach to the creation of nonfiction works.  He brings practical experience to the field—a decade-plus as Editorial Director of Keller Media and thirteen years as an associate professor of English at Santa Monica College, both providing him with much needed capital for today’s unique multimedia marketplace.  He understands language—not only how it “works” upon audiences, but how it emerges from within the writer.

This is the task of the developmental editor, an editor who helps writers define the structure and focus of their projects, while delicately bridging the aesthetic, the conceptual and the functional.  Along these lines, Alex has coached, written, ghostwritten, guided, and mentored many writers along the path to publication—senators, CEOs, academics, scientists, historians, actors, musicians, judges, lawyers, economists, professional athletes, therapists and doctors.  Many of these clients have found successful representation with major publishing houses.

As an agent, he is interested in nonfiction works that define a unique vision behind the content.  Successful nonfiction books are not just about a general topic but also communicate a deeper purpose, value and worth to potential audiences.  He values strong prescriptive content, driven by a solid theoretical base, which addresses essential questions:  How will this content improve/make my life better?  How will it help me realign my professional skillset?  How will it reorganize my thinking about a certain topic?  And, finally, how will this book help me connect with my purpose and humanity?

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