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The world contains more than
4.8 million copies
of Keller Media books

That’s a lot of books. A lot of dedication. A lot of teamwork between our authors, the publishers and us. Keller Media knows that “platform” – an author’s growing fan base – is the single best indicator of success in today’s publishing climate. That’s why we invest energy in helping new authors get better and great authors achieve their dreams.

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Resources for Emerging Authors

Rent Wendy’s Brain

Rent Wendy's Brain

Get Expert Advice

Every star has a coach, someone who shows them shortcuts and helps them improve their game. Here’s how to get Wendy’s undivided attention focused on you, your book and your dreams.


Webinars with Wendy

Webinars with Wendy

Upcoming Webinars

Need fast, quick, in-depth advice or strategy on some aspect of your success as an author? Tired of trying to find answers on your own? These tightly-focused webinars are designed to help you leap tall hurdles to publishing success in a single bound.


Become Publishable

Resources for Emerging Authors

Resources for Emerging Authors

Bummed out because agents & publishers aren’t pushing for the chance to work with you? It could be that there’s something simple missing from your strategy. Learn how to fill the gaps and change your results with these resources.


looking for an exceptional literary agent?What a coincidence! We’re looking for exceptional authors!