Attract a US Publisher for Your Book

 If you are an author or speaker living outside the US,

You probably want to get your book published or become a paid speaker in the United States.

The  US market is the largest in the world for books and speakers, and represents the largest number of potential buyers.  Crossing over into the US market means millions of new fans, international success for your business, worldwide notoriety and millions of new dollars if you do it right.  (Think of Byron Katie and Paul McKenna, for examples).

Here’s the problem:

US publishers have many American authors to choose from.  That’s why US publishers will not even consider someone who doesn’t have a lot of fans here (unless you’ve sold millions of copies at home, usually.)

Meeting planners – the people who hire speakers – much prefer not to have to spend money on international airfares to get speakers with similar or almost identical content.

How can you possibly get started in this huge place?

If you have a STRONG desire to get published and/or become a successful paid speaker in the USA, you need to get a foothold in this country – make a name for yourself here.  You need an ally on the inside – someone who cares about your success and knows how the American speaking and publishing industries work here.

We may be able to help you achieve your dream.

Wendy Keller is a literary agent and speakers bureau owner who has been the force behind 9 international best sellers and more than a thousand books sold in the USA.  Keller Media has helped dozens of non-US residents get books successfully  sold and speeches booked in the US.

If we like your work and think you could do well here, here’s what you can hire us to provide:

  • A clear, written marketing plan to follow to establish your presence in the US market
  • All the US based contacts you need to get your presence up, written, functional and optimized
  • Negotiation on your behalf  for people you might wish to hire to help you, including publicists, web designers, etc.
  • Systematic, ongoing counsel and  instruction that will help you establish yourself in the USA
  • Tools, techniques and strategies for impressing US publishers and meeting planners with who you are and why you deserve a place in the US market

Our goal is to make you into a viable property and then sell your book and book your speeches in the USA.  

We want to “discover” you.

Of course, before you can make a decision to invest money in establishing your presence here, you need to talk to us.  And before we can make the decision to put so much energy, faith, effort and focus into you, we need to know you – your material, your goals, who you are and what you plan to achieve – and decide if we can help you get there.  

If getting published and/or paid to speak in the US will add to your already wonderful career in your own country, please send an email to Help (at) KellerMedia (dot) com.  As the subject line, write “US Audience Building” because that’s what you want to do most.  Attach your proposal if you have one and include a hyperlink to your current website, even if it isn’t in English.

We’ll soon determine if we can work together, bringing you into the profitable US market and exposing an even larger audience to the important information you have to share.