“When you build an effective platform for your book, you change your destiny as an author.”

If the public can’t FIND your book, the public can’t BUY your book.  Being listed on Amazon is NOT enough.

Almost 400,000 new books were published last year alone. Many of them were self-published.

The chances of the public being able to find your book in that tsunami of words is microscopic.

The reality of modern publishing: Every author must DO something to attract attention to their book – even before it is published!

Big publishers like Harper Collins, Random House, Hachette and McGraw Hill invariably ask literary agents the same question before they’ll even consider a book: “What’s the author’s platform?” 

Only once that question has been satisfied will they care about your content.  That’s because they know the odds are against any one book even being found, UNLESS THE AUTHOR IS OUT THERE making an impression on the world BEFORE, after and during the time the book is published.

As an author, you MUST take 100% responsibility today for drawing attention to your work, yourself and your message BEFORE, DURING and AFTER publication.

Luckily, it’s easier than you think if you know what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

I’ve been a literary agent since mankind lived in caves, it seems.  I have seen so many changes!  The biggest one: the full burden of “proof of concept” now rests on the author’s shoulders.  No agent today can sell a book to a qualified traditional nonfiction publisher unless the author has a full and growing platform – a big, growing “Fan Club” that will buy the book – and help them help you differentiate it from the avalanche of books being published.

Recently, I conducted a series of extremely successful, well-received hour long live teleconferences on platform building. I got lucky – my students were bright, capable, open-minded people.  The courses were magical! We recorded them and edited them into a “Best Of” edition.

We named the series: “Success Accelerator: How to Build Your Platform Faster, Better & Easier.”

Here’s what you’ll get in this easy-to-use, comprehensive, inexpensive, innovative 4-part audio course:

The importance of LIST BUILDING – how to get and grow a group of people who WANT you to have their names and email addresses so you can keep them up-to-date on your book, your topic and your plans…and your success – your list is a VITAL factor in how successful your book will be.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – not just “You gotta get on Facebook”, which you already know.  But WHY it matters for authors and HOW TO THINK LIKE AN AUTHOR every time you post so you build toward YOUR goal – a super successful book – and never waste another keystroke on silliness.  How to figure it all out so it works together and grows fast.

How to get yourself on RADIO, PRINT and TELEVISION right now  – and WHY you want to do it.  Media makes you so appealing to publishers and therefore agents!  This is real brass tacks how-to stuff – you could be getting interviews in a week or less if you do as I advise.


Make MONEY starting NOW with PAID PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING!  I’ve been training speakers since 1995.  I’ve helped more than 7,500 people to launch their speaking career and YOU will learn how to graduate from giving a few free talks at the local bookstore to making a SIX OR SEVEN FIGURE INCOME as a PAID SPEAKER if that’s what you want to do with your career.

The Success Accelerator audio program will TRANSFORM your perspective, BLAST WIDE OPEN all the opportunities you have to make your book successful starting TODAY and give you the ABSOLUTELY HOTTEST ADVICE for how to go from where you are now to where you want to be as an author or paid speaker.

Order now and start your book on the right path…right now!

Delivered as 4 audio files.

Is this right for you?

My work only benefits those craving success as an author or speaker.

Like you, I am interested in only the shortcuts, the easiest, cheapest, fastest, most intelligent ways of building a platform (which includes all 4 of the above and more) and leveraging it into a successful book. 

The stuff I teach in this course works whether your book isn’t out yet, is self-published, is not sold to a publisher yet, was published in the last ten years, or you’re still looking for an agent. It just plain works.

The course is just $97.  It’s guaranteed – forever – or your money back. That means, it really works if you do what I advise.  (Surprise! Surprise! If you don’t do it, it doesn’t work – but you can still have your money back.)

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.  (Or her!)  Here’s what I’ve learned: the authors who believe their work is so good it will somehow magically rise to the top of the tsunami of words happening in this country are going to be disappointed.  The people who realize that the publishing industry is an industry – that is, a business – and business is in business to make a profit THOSE are the authors who will win this game. 


“I never thought I could achieve so much in so little time.  You saved me from so many mistakes.” 

— Wendy Watkins