Speaker Demo Filming Event

Thrust Your Speaking Career into High Gear! Get Fabulous Footage of YOU.

Here’s your Ultimate Speaker Demo Reel solution.

Meeting planners judge you by the quality of your demo reel when they are deciding if they will hire you as a speaker. That’s why your best, high quality footage is critical to your success in marketing yourself as a high-paid professional speaker. It’s also crucial whenever you are introducing a new topic to your repertoire. We know how hard it is to get that footage when you’re starting out.

Your Biggest Problem:

  • Many venues don’t have enough space to give you good video
  • Some events won’t allow you to film at all – often for legal reasons
  • You may not have looked or felt your best that day
  • The camera may have been too far away to get a good shot of you
  • Sometimes, the cameraman isn’t focused on you at the moment when you deliver your best stuff
  • The lighting might have been insufficient, non-existent or totally wrong for you
  • You may not have legal rights to use the footage for your own marketing purposes

It’s sort of like finding that first job: no one wants to hire you without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job. Getting booked depends on having great footage, but you can’t get a great demo reel until you have enough good clips to assemble one. How can that be fair?

Your Easiest Solution:

Keller Media is sponsoring a Speaker Demo Filming Event. We’ll make you look like a star, as if you are speaking in a huge ballroom to a happy crowd of enthusiastic listeners. Here are the details:

  • Two professional set designs, so it looks it look like you’re talking at two different, very impressive events
  • Professional Hollywood hair and makeup person on site to make sure you look your very best
  • Top speaking industry cameramen will shoot you – so you get film of your best work and you look like the big deal speaker you are fast becoming
  • Proper lighting – just like a big multi-day corporate conference would have
  • You get up to THIRTY (30) minutes on stage EACH DAY to perform at your best – so you get your best footage
  • Still shots and headshots of YOU live on stage and in a formal portrait setting (optional)
  • Expert stage direction while you’re performing (from Wendy)
  • (OPTIONAL)Pre-event workshop with Wendy so you get some coaching before you go live so you can WOW! even yourself


Come show the world what you’ve got!


Is This Right For You?

If you’re new to speaking and need demo OR you want to add new material to your existing clip OR if you just want to lay down some transition footage, this is the perfect event for you. Imagine how expensive it would be to hire all the experts (see below), the studio and all this equipment on your own! When you attend this fun, interactive Speaker Demo Filming Event, you get great raw footage and professional quality still shots in your hands – that you can use for any purpose you desire!

The Schedule: February 17-18, 2018

In a glorious film and fashion industry studio in downtown Los Angeles

Friday (Optional)

6 PM: Welcome Reception – Come enjoy hors d’oevres and a glass of something. Get to know your fellow participants. Relax, unwind and get ready to be sensational this weekend!

Performance times will be draw by lots.
Day begins at 8 AM Pacific

Your Hair and Makeup Session I – 30 minutes in advance of your Go Time

Filming – 30 minutes on stage to “do your thing” Optional stage direction/live coaching provided by Wendy; action shots provided by Evan; filming done by Jeff Roldan of Creative Realm

Your Still Photography Session – have your professional headshots taken in Evan’s swanky studio (extra charge)

Dinner on your own

We request that every participant plan to be present as audience for the other speakers each day.

Performance times will be draw by lots.
Day begins at 8 AM Pacific

Your Hair and Makeup – 30 minutes in advance of your Go Time

Filming – 30 minutes on stage to “do your thing” Optional stage direction/live coaching provided by Wendy

Your Still Photography Session – the other half of participants who have chosen to do so will have their headshots taken by top brand fashion photographer Evan (extra charge)

Group Dinner/Closing Event – included


This is your chance…

…To get excellent raw footage of yourself, perfectly set up, saying just what you want to be said. You also get fantastic headshots when you’re looking great after professional hair/makeup. You can use these on your website, in your media and all promotional materials. You also get some incisive coaching/stage direction so you really shine on stage and you look like an A-list, highly paid speaker. And maybe make some new friends.

Speaker Demo Filming Event

Payment in Full
Just $2250
Buy Now
2 Monthly Payments of
Only $1175
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For obvious reasons, space is limited. We have only so much camera time available.

Apologies in advance if you cannot be accepted. First come, first served.

Travel details, wardrobe suggestions and preparation ideas will be provided post-registration.

Questions? Please call (800) 278-8706 ext. 707

Meet the Team that Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Wendy Keller, Ringmistress of this Circus

Wendy will manage the event so that you get what you need to dramatically increase your speaking fees and number of bookings – while having a good time. She will also provide stage direction when you’re on, if you wish. Wendy has been training and managing speakers and guiding their careers since 1995. She fulfills her mission by empowering you to share your message with many.



Jeff Roldan, Head Cameraman

Jeff became intrigued with film production and the process of telling stories using video at a young age. This passion, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, led him to create his first production company while still in high school. Since his formal film training at San Diego State University, Jeff has started several production companies serving different niches. He has partnered with some of the most successful people in the world – thought leaders, speakers, authors, marketers, executives – to help them use video to share their story. In 2011, Jeff started Creative Realm Entertainment. This company produces highest quality speaker demo reels, as well as full length documentaries, including “Words of Art,” which was featured on Dish Network and in Delta’s Sky Magazine. A loving husband and father, Jeff lives in Southern California with his wife and 4 children. www.Creative-Realm.com

Evan Duning, Stills Photographer

Evan is a fashion, editorial, and commercial photographer shooting in Los Angeles and New York. His photography trends at creating content to best expose his client’s vision. Capturing defining moments, fleeting as they may be. Evan has been operating out of the studio we’ll be using in downtown Los Angeles, The Dream Factory Los Angeles Studio. He always strives to shatter the limits of his creativity and thrives on bustling new projects. He will be taking shots of YOU on stage and in his portrait studio. Links to his work www.EvanDuning.com


Scott Palmer, Innovative Set Designer

Scott was named one of the top 30 emerging artists in the world by PDN Magazine. After working on photo shoots for companies such as Nordstrom and Frontgate, he evolved into set design. Scott and his work have been featured in The New York Times, a feature on Entertainment Tonight and has frequently been in the pages of Conde’ Nast publications. He has worked with celebrities including Giada De Laurentiis, Vanessa Hudgens, and Whitney Port. Scott was trained at the Art Institute International of Minnesota, majoring in photography. He sums up his career as, “every day is like being a kid in 4-H making projects for the fair and I love it.” www.scottpalmerstudio.com


Danielle Katherine, Makeup Stylist

Danielle Katherine is a leading makeup artist in Los Angeles. She has extensive experience in fashion, editorial, print, celebrity, media and red carpet events. She has an exceptional ability to make people look and feel their best, which is why Wendy selected her. You will feel super confident and look amazing when you’re live and on camera thanks to Danielle. www.DanielleKatherine.com

Seize the chance to work with all this exceptional talent! Sign up now. Space is limited.


Speaker Demo Filming Event

Payment in Full
Just $2250
Buy Now
2 Monthly Payments of
Only $1175
Buy Now