Emerging Speaker Consulting Program

If you are seeing this page and were NOT personally invited by Wendy Keller to view it, this option is available to you only if you qualify.  To inquire about retaining Wendy as your speaker trainer, please send a note to Help@KellerMedia.com detailing your speaking experience to date, any pertinent information about your book (if you have one published or pending) and any marketing or other data that will help Wendy determine if you have the  makings of a successful speaker.

The Fast Track to Paid Speaking

The Emerging Speaker consulting program is specifically designed to help you get up, going and bookable by meeting planners, for the highest fee you are currently capable of garnering, as quickly as possible.  Meeting planners choose speakers based on criteria such as published book(s), testimonials from other meeting planners, relevance of your topic to the event, media you’ve gotten recently, how much you cost to bring in, and other factors.  Your job as a would-be successful speaker is to make their YES decision as easy as possible.  We can help you do that.

Because it is usually very difficult for a lone individual to “break into” the speaking industry without lots of trials and errors, this program is designed to be customized FOR you and TO you, to give you precisely what you need - in the right order and the right way - to make you appealing to a meeting planner.  Your job will then be to perform at the level they will expect for the money they’re paying you.  (We can advise you how to develop your platform skills if you need that, too).

Before you decide if this program is right for you, please consider the following:

  • Most speakers book into corporate or association events – that’s where the money is.  Does your topic fit those needs? Could it?
  • Do you really want/can you be on the road 20, 50, 100 or more days a year – do you have young children, an aging parent, or some other duties that will prevent you from being out there, giving it your all?  If you want to speak fewer than 20 times a year, you will not build enough momentum to make this investment worth your while or ours.
  • Have you been on the platform before?  If you haven’t ever done speaking (other than debate team in high school), you’re starting on the bottom rung.  While this program is designed to get you bookable in three months or less, if you have no platform time already in, it could take longer to get you profitable.
  • Are you planning to use your book to promote your speaking and your speaking to promote your book?  Wendy is a literary agent AND owns a speakers bureau, because the two go hand-in-hand.  If you want to talk on a topic totally different than your (planned) book, you are impeding your progress as a speaker.
  • Are you willing to work?  This help is NOT a magic pill.  You will have to put in real time, energy and maybe hire some third parties (web designer, image consultant, speaking coach, etc.) in order to achieve your goal of consistently booking at $5000 or more, 20 or more times per year.  (That’s $100K, which is what I expect you to be earning 12 months or less from today).  Remember college?  This is a 3 month program to guide, shove, pull, lead, guide, encourage, squeeze, cheer and get you through the “speaker transformation” that normally takes YEARS for new speakers to learn.  It’s going to be effort, but the result – ahhh!  – will be worth it!

Sadly, there are no guarantees.  No one can guarantee you’ll get booked, or get booked on the days you prefer, or for the fee you want or as often as you want.  This is a new business venture for you, and although you can stack the odds greatly in your favor with my help, there’s no promise you’ll be the business equivalent of publicly traded one day.  There’s no guarantee Tony Robbins or Donald Trump will cry themselves to sleep at night because you’ve popped onto the scene and are stealing their engagements.  There’s no guarantee that you are good at this or that you can be terrific.  There’s no guarantee that the world wants your topic or will want it tomorrow.  There’s only this: I believe you can or you wouldn’t have found this page.

The clear purpose of this consulting program is to make YOU the best you can be, package in YOU in the best possible way, teach you the skills and strategies used by the most successful speakers, and leap frog you over all the other plodding beginners so you can start earning money, selling books, and growing your business in the next three months.  In three months or less, you will be READY to be booked, perhaps already have some paid bookings (through Keller Media’s booking agents) and be ready to be shopped to other bureaus and many meeting planners for the highest fee possible.  That’s the best deal going, frankly.  Anyone who tells you anything else is not being honest.

If all the preceding candor and reality therapy hasn’t scared you off, here’s what I can offer you:

I’ve been working in the professional speaking industry since February 1995.  I’ve trained more than 7,500 people to become paid, professional speakers.  I’ve helped hundreds of speakers get book deals, and hundreds of authors get paid speaking engagements.  I am unique, as far as anyone can tell, in the sense that I see the tight bond between professional speaking and successful books, and have built my career as a bridge between the two.  I will lay at your feet all the benefits of my many years working with, studying, advising, coaching, consulting, helping, guiding and improving speakers and enlarging their presence in the marketplace.

Because each emerging speaker is different and needs different things, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to consulting you.  It must be customized to who you are, your topic, your skill and talent and if you have one, your book and its needs.  For three months, you will have access to me a minimum of six and a maximum of ten hours per month.  I will give you specific advice, contacts, details on how to achieve whatever stage you’re in of developing your platform.  We WILL achieve the deliverables outlined below. We can do it on the phone or by email, even in person if you’re in LA.

These are two examples of the kind of things I will be doing for you:

If you need to do a shoot to get some demo video , I’ll prep your best content sound bytes with you, get you an image consultant (if you need one), get your hair and makeup looking perfect on the big day, get you in front of the best cameramen I know, find you the ideal film editor, advise the editor and manage all those people and that production for you.

If you need to develop an amazing speaker’s website or revise an under-performing one, I’ll help you choose the right graphic “feel” to match your topic and intended audience, get a web designer, set things up the way a meeting planner will expect to see them so s/he can decide on you quickly, edit the web copy you want to post, help put together the navigation structure, recommend shopping carts, ebook titles, blog copywriting tips, ways to getyur site  noticed online and by planners, and so on.

Overall, we’ll be working off a master plan that has one objective: to do the best we can with the resources we have to get you bookable.  That means, put together all the window dressing that will make a meeting planner say, “Hmmm..maybe we want to hire this speaker.  Let’s take a closer look…”

My job will be to make sure it all finally comes together to build your brand.  As soon as we’ve got the right pieces, I will help you market yourself in ways that lead to the tangible, verifiable results we want – increased inquiries, paid bookings and so on.  There are hundreds of “tricks of the trade” that help successful speakers get booked.  I will do my best not to overwhelm you with my knowledge and help, and to manage this whole denouement of you as “Super Speaker” in a way that is just right for you.  Together, we will get you up and out there faster and more methodically and looking more polished than most speakers can do on their own in years of hit-or-miss attempts.

These represent some or all of the things we’ll achieve in our three months together (depending on what you’ve already got):

  1. Create 2-3 solid, well-written one-sheets that perfectly describe your content in a way that appeals to meeting planners – and test them accurately
  2. Develop the best possible speaker video, using footage you’ve got now or new footage of you (media and speaking) that we will quickly collect together
  3. Set a fee range that’s realistic for who and where you are
  4. Get you some ice-breaker engagements so you can test your content in front of real audiences (not for money yet, but for feedback and possibly video)
  5. Grow the audience for your content-related blog – and get you to begin blogging things that will be interesting to the meeting planners (and publishers!)
  6. Gather up testimonials that lead to $$$
  7. Evaluate and leverage industry assets – how things you don’t know you know can get you gigs you don’t think you qualify for
  8. How to customize your message – online and in front of audiences
  9. Create and implement a “Lucky Target” campaign - especially  if your book is as yet unwritten – by attracting the meeting planners’ bosses first
  10. Start to sell products off your website right now (which seeds the meeting planners and attracts the publishers)
  11. Determine your “natural marketability” – where it’s easiest to promote you and help you delve into leveraging your natural gifts
  12. Perfect your marketing tools so they are a) bureau friendly and b) meeting planner appealing
  13. Show you how and where to build relationships with meeting planners and bureaus
  14. Give you the materials you need – especially sample contract clauses – to help you be treatly fairly as a new speaker
  15. Platform skills – how to present more effectively, how to make them write you good testimonials, how to deliver a speech of the same high caliber no matter how you’re feeling
  16. Selling from the platform – how to sell your services/consulting/products from the stage, before you get on stage and after the stage, with or without anyone noticing
  17. Speaker Ethics – a few tips on how to make sure your future is bright and meeting planners say nice things about you behind your back
  18. How to get invited back – strategies that impress meeting planners and bureaus
  19. Self-promotion – how to market yourself from the platform and off the platform
  20. Fee management – how do you charge, what do you charge for various services you can perform, how do you create contracts you can fulfill, sell more products, etc

There are thousands of things to know about running a successful speaking business.  I define success as “more engagements this year than last, same or higher fees”. If you’d like to have access to the things I know and the pieces I can put together for you, then let’s work together.  I charge $2500 a month for three months.  Soon, I expect you to earn that from just one engagement you do.  After the three months end, we’ll have a relationship and I’ll just give you another NINE months of “Hey, Wendy, what about this…”  email and phone support at no cost.

My GOAL is not to squeeze $7500 bucks out of you. That’s my commission on a $50,000 book deal, and those take me a whole lot less time to pull off than the many hours I’m going to invest in making you into a profit center.  My GOAL is to turn you into a successful speaker who is loyal to me as a bureau (and as a literary agent in some cases)  and who has been “raised right” – which means we can take our % of your engagements for years to come, you’ll continue to mature as a speaker/author, raise your fees and my profit will come from our long term relationship.  We both know that won’t happen unless we treat one another right.  I’m going to give you my all, and if you will, too, then we have a chance of achieving our shared dream.

My GUARANTEE: If two weeks into our first month together you don’t think what I am doing for you is worth it, I’ll refund every cent you’ve paid to date and we’ll go our separate ways. No harm, no foul.  Otherwise, we’ll both roll up our sleeves, pull out all the stops and crank you up as a speaker moving into the limelight STARTING NOW.

You can dither around trying to figure out how to become successful as a speaker.  Chances are, with enough time spent barking up enough wrong trees, you’ll figure it out.  It’s not rocket science. But with a fervent, committed ally like me at your side, you’ll get there so much faster.  Call me personally to let me know you want to begin and I’ll send you an agreement that basically outlines all of the preceding.  My personal number is (800) 278-8706 ext. 707.

Best wishes to you in your speaking career!


Confidentiality Notice: We respect that speakers become public figures.  We agree not to divulge fact that we worked with you behind the scenes to any third party without your written permission.