Should you self-publish?

This page is a placeholder for a video interview with agent Wendy Keller, where she realistically helps authors decide if they are better off self-publishing. The important questions to ask are:


1. Do you have a “platform” – a large group of existing fans right now who will rush to buy your book the minute it is printed?

2. Are you capable of managing the marketing and distribution, the promotion and publicity required to differentiate any one book in the tsunami of 300K+ published annually in the USA?

3. Do you need your book super-fast for some reason?

4. Are there any special reasons your book should be self-published, e.g., some corporation has asked for 4,000 to give to their employees?

5. Do you have a written strategy for making the book successful?  Do you know what will happen to your career as an author/speaker if a self-published book fails?

6. The statistics for success are not in your favor.  A typical self-published book sells 117 copies!  If you need to know how to put together a plan, or how to pull off a self-publishing success story, click here.