“What could happen to YOUR success as an author if YOU get access to

deep insider knowledge about publishing & book marketing?”

Now you can! Because this is your chance to “rent Wendy’s brain”! 

I’m the agent behind more than 1,200 deals – including 9 international best sellers. And I’m all yours.

Any questions? Problems and challenges to getting your book sold and successful? Solved.  Now. 

My full and undivided attention – all on helping you.

Often, authors seem to get confused on how generic publishing rules, principles and admonitions apply to you personally.  When you choose to rent my brain, we’ll strategize, create, craft, organize, plot & plan the path to get you WHATEVER your goals are as an author, at whatever stage you’re in on your journey.  If I can give you resources or connections to help you, I will. If I see something you’re doing that you can fix to achieve your dream, I’ll tell you what it is and teach you how to do it.  I’ll give you the best knowledge, information, insight, help, support and guidance I possibly have – 100% guaranteed or your money back.

“Talking to you for an hour saved me probably three years of chasing my tail.  I can’t thank you enough.” — Gene Allred, Portland, OR

What kinds of people benefit from “renting” my brain?

Writers who can’t seem to get an agent (yet)

Authors whose book is about to be published and who want to make it successful

Self-published authors who need to quickly boost sales and/or get media attention right now

People who want to run their “great idea” past an industry insider to see if it’s worth developing

Writers and authors who feel stuck, thwarted or confused by the publishing industry’s many new options

Authors-to-be who need some personalized, in-depth help building their platform before selling their book

 I can see things from my side of the desk that you don’t yet – things that can be overcome – saving you time, frustration and lost money.

Here’s how it works:

Your hour with me is a $350 investment in your future as an author.  When you sign up below, you’ll get an email that shows you all the upcoming appointment times I have available.  You just pick the one that works best for you.

At least 2 business days before your appointment, send me anything you want me read, including a list of questions you want answered during our call, if you wish. Whatever your goals are, together we can find an efficient way to achieve them – and chances are we’ll even have fun doing it!  Of course, I hope that this call helps you transform into the kind of author I can successfully represent, but please note that renting my brain doesn’t guarantee representation now or in the future.

Here’s what YOU get:

When we talk, I’ll be 100% prepared and ready to give you my undivided attention and my absolute best.  Precisely 30 minutes into our one-hour call, I’ll ask you if you are getting your money’s worth. If you say yes, we’ll continue.  If you say no, we’ll stop right there and your entire sum will be instantly refunded.  (No one has taken me up on this guarantee yet, but you never know!)

It’s my absolutely clear intention that by the end of our call, you will know EXACTLY what to do next to move quickly in the direction of your dreams. Practical, clear, implementable advice.  You are welcome to record the call if you’d like to be able to refer to it again and again.  You are welcome to have your whole team on the call (if you have a team!) so you can get every last drop of juice from my brain.

The specific value in renting my brain for an hour is that you will get information, coaching and guidance customized specifically to you and your book, your goals and plans.  I sincerely care and want to help you share your message with the world in the biggest, best possible manner.

To rent Wendy’s brain, just click here.

Wendy with client Daven Michaels, new author of "Outsource Smart".  Click image to see his book on Amazon.

Wendy with client Daven Michaels, new author of “Outsource Smart”. Click image to see his book on Amazon.